Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Blogeristic Debut.

So this is the first post in my blog, and I find that I have nothing to say. This is worse than writing a letter to my mom and filling it so full of vapid inanities as to render any real reason for my writing in the first place to a null state. Well, in time, the reasons for a blog will come. Until that happens, I'll pretend to have opinions on various subjects. I'll pretend to have a connection to The World at Large, and I'll pretend to have enough spare time to fill this thing up with something worth reading.

Right now, I'm a desk jockey. When I tell that to people at parties (well, not so much "parties" as my local bar), they always think I said "disk jockey," and they're all interested in my work. I then patiently explain that, no, I don't spin platters; I bend alphanumeric strings to my iron will, trying to make sense out of the paper piles on my desk, and (hopefully) making people who I may or may not meet in my lifetime a little happier and/or more relaxed. At that point, my listeners have usually wandered off in search of someone with a slightly more colorful life, like a photographer or a policeperson. Lots of interesting questions they can get asked, like "Shot anyone famous recently?" Fact of the matter is, I work in the timeshare industry for a company that isn't very well known. When I drop this little brain-nugget into the mix, I get two responses:
a) "I almost bought a timeshare."
b) "I own a timeshare. Never use the damn thing."
Right about then, their eyes narrow. "Are you in Sales?" I hurriedly deny that charge. Sometimes I challenge them to a duel for even implying such a thing. Then I scurry off to find a photographer or cop to talk to.


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