Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Just realized I never finished up the story of our house purchase. Thing's got a little snafu'd at the end. The lady who did our closing was kinda ticked off about it, and asked for me to summarize events and e-mail them to her. I did -- 4 months later. Below is the e-mail I sent in December 2011. I've decided to be coy about the numbers; y'all don't need to know EVERYTHING about me.


When we first contracted to purchase this house, the agreed-upon price was $XXX, with $7000 rolled in for closing costs: $XX7,000 total. We received a GFE and all other docs geared for that price on 7/15/11, pending the appraisal. The appraisal, dated 8/2/11, came back at $XX3,000, so that's the max the lender would allow (essentially we lost $4K in closing cost assistance). We received an addendum on 8/6/11 and signed and returned it the same day. The closing was set for 8/25/11.

Time passed and I had heard nothing back. I contacted the mortgage broker on 8/21/11, curious as to if we were going to receive a new GFE because of the change to the initial contract; we wanted to make sure we had enough cash to bring to the closing table. He responded in the positive, but I still didn't receive anything.

On 8/22/11 I started to assemble all the docs I needed: insurance, closing costs, etc - you entered the picture at this point, as your office notified the brokers as to the time and place the closing would occur. I started asking around about the amount and method of paying the closing fees, but couldn't receive any hard answers -- more than likely because that final paperwork based upon the Addendum to the Contract had never been processed.

On the 25th, I spent a lot of time waiting by the phone, put off the closing by an hour - and finally was told what we needed to bring to Closing about 1/2 hour before the scheduled time. And, as you may recall, we ended up waiting in your office for all the paperwork.


Yeah, it didn't go well. And since the whole thing was wrapped up very late in the day, we couldn't even be given the keys to the house until the following day, and even then I had to play phone tag. Once I got the keys, then started the process of visiting the house officially as the new owners, rolling around on the floor bleating MINE MINE MINE, locking myself out and having to call a locksmith who only charged me $20 to show me that the door was simply a little tight in the frame and that I wasn't really locked out at all, and painting the bedroom.

So that's it. We had a little upset with the insurance this year: seems we were underinsured by about $35K, and the lender ended up purchasing an ancillary policy to cover the shortfall.


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