Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Traditional Italian Folk Tune

I am here transcribing a traditional Italian folk song that I made up a couple of days ago. It's about my wife's favorite tomatoes: Campari. She says they're the proof a tomato is classified as 'fruit' -- they're sweet and succulent. I can think of better uses for them, hence this song: Hey Campari!

When the tomatoes are sweet
We'll go out in the street
And we'll sing:
Hey Campari

Then we'll gather in bars
and throw tomatoes at cars
And we'll laugh:
(ha ha ha!) Hey Campari!

For we are tomato-y purists
And we like to pick fights with the tourists
For they're tops in our list
For to hold in our fist
As we throw:
Hey Campari!


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